Thursday, September 2, 2010

Butterflies and Broken Boards

Happy September!  John is back to school and the kids are just around the corner from it.  Ysabela in middle school (!) and Xavier in his last year of elementary.  Zoinks.

There was a weird happening a few days ago when suddenly a crowd of at least 25 monarch butterflies showed up in the ysabela tree (actually a hydrangea).  I have a new appreciation for those butterfly photos you see because it was really hard to try to capture it.

While I was out there trying to shoot the butterflies, I met the daughter of the mayor who brought the Coast Guard to Grand Haven.  She grew up in the big house up the hill when there were no little houses down below on Slayton.  Pretty neat local history.

More relevant and exciting was Xavier's belt test.  After all our conflicts and miscues, he tested for his Blue Belt.  Did a great job on the form, is ahead of the game on his Korean, and broke a thick board on the first try with a spinning back kick.  Wow!  Nearly as tough to capture as butterfly action.


X or Y said...

You didn't mention my purse!

Tai Tai said...

What purse?

X or Y said...

The purse I made in a day, which is for someone who usually has to wear 10 thimbles, is SO up there with breaking boards, of which he does every month, anyway.