Saturday, September 18, 2010

School Days

Like many families around the northern hemisphere, we've been consumed with the start of the school year.  We got the traditional shots of off to school:

Bela left while still darkish - on the first day!  She's on her way by 7:30 am, and her back-breaking pack is heavy stuff.  She seems to think the only benefit to the early start is being home for an hour before Xavi.  Read about middle school exploits on her blog.  There should be some good stuff from her team building overnight camp experience at Camp Pendalouan, I would hope.

Xavier is seen here sporting the current superhero backpack, Iron Man, which is a little counter to the Batman phase.  But he has plenty of Marvel shirts to go with it, so no worries.  He has Bela's teacher from last year, so it's nice to know a bit of what to expect.

In other news, parents continue to get older.  The good news is that it sometimes comes with swag, like two copies of the Elspeth vs Tezzerret decks.  Nice!

So far looks like Tezzeret takes Elspeth in a fair fight, but loses to Xavi's souped up Garruk deck.

There have been requests for shots of Ysabela's purse, made under the guidance of Aunt Jill.  Shown here with her favorite complementary dress, the purse features alternating squares of day and night with a moon button clasp.  As always, click on the picture for full size.

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Anonymous said...

Ysabela, you did a great job on your purse and it was a delight sewing with you!

Love & hugs,

Aunt Jill