Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oldies But Goodies

Sermon today mentioned this passage from Romans, which reminded me of this video, which I still had. This is Sean Fahey and Tara Felock, doing a great job with a complicated script. Forgive the camera work and editing... that's my fault. (John's)

It's a take off, of course, of this classic skit. (Inspiration, shameless plagiarism... potaytoes, potahtoes.)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Old Photos

Ken Pokorny, teddy bear and computer consultant extrodinaire, has scanned some old photos from Carmen. I felt obliged to pass them on, despite that some were of me.

<--Michael ... Lisa-->

Lisa in elementary + as a toddler

Not sure what the story with the ball is.

Definitely the gems.

Honoria Teresa, HT with Carmen, and Auntie Jo (Pruden Sullivan)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September Catsup

Where have we been?

Not sure where the last month went. Small trips, like to the Hackley and Hume Homes in Muskegon (with Hank and Marilynn), John Ball Zoo, and the beach ended summer. School started in a flurry, with the kids getting their first taste of traditional classrooms. (It's an adjustment.) We made a quick 1 day visit to Carmen's in honor of her 75th birtday this week, and the kids finally got to meet Batty Ol' Aunt Carol. ("Like in the ninja stories?" "Yeah!") Check out her company Neko Chan. As Uncle Michael commented, we hadn't seen her in a 'coon's age. Uncle Michael turns 40 tomorrow! How can you have a 40 year old baby brother? They had a cool tour of the new courthouse the weekend before it opened - lots of good civics lessons. And...

Bela captured every inch of the historic homes. She's either planning the world's most exact diorama or her next heist. See the Lakeshore Museum Center.

We finally tried Mia and Grace in Muskegon. Great stuff, homemade old fashioned sodas, and a great chalk written fresh menu.

Bela's natural persecutor comes out. It's genetic. No cracks about Karen as judge, seriously.

Aunt Liza came up for a weekend visit just before school started. It was a cold August!

More pics to follow? I think we might have some pictures on flim. Fulm? How did those old cameras work? I wonder if they'll be black and white...