Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well, we're officially giving up on the Christmas Card this year.  We'll get some kind of mailing out... in 2011.  The kids had a cute idea which we turned into a glog that you can see at the end of the post.

The holiday season kicked off with Xavi's Market Day.  (Link goes to his blog for the full business report and more pictures.)  As he and Karen slaved over delicious chocolates, Bela and I headed to Desserts by Design for some gingerbread construction.

We got a chance for an extended Audrey visit.  She was huffing and puffing, rocking and rolling, and was five star enetertainment until she passed out. 

 We had a quick visit to the other side of the state, but got in lots of visits thanks to Aunt Peg hosting the Meyer family Christmas party, with 4 generations of family.  Traditional caroling had some new spins this year.

Aunt Peg, Karen's goddaughter Julie (up from Atlanta and on her birthday) and Aunt Mary.

Xavi also took the opportunity to document for his friend Cam that his grandfather knows a thing or two about cars.

From there we headed on to Monroe, for a nice visit with Carmen.  We took some pictures down in the cutely decorated Loranger Square, and Bela posed in front of the Monroe County Courthouse, where generations of Goldens have practiced law.   Is that her fate?

We even got a rare picture of Karen and I together! 

The glog is a kind of internet poster.  Click to go to the poster directly.  Click and hold on a picture to enlarge it.  Some pictures are links to other sites or blogposts.  You can pause the music if it's at all annoying!  The scripture is what Karen's bible study has been on, so we've been talking about it as a family also.