Saturday, February 19, 2011

February Catsup

Who's been a bad, bad blogger?

OK.  I've accepted that I'll never get the holiday travel post that I wanted up here.  So... here's the slideshow.  It goes quickly through Christmas, Georgia - including our great, quick visit with the Bickerstaffs, and Florida - Disney, cousins and Femminineos.  It was a great trip, planned to precision by Karen.  Ysabela has a pretty thorough account.  Xavi has a brief introduction to the friends we visited.

Bickerstaff bounty, with great goat greeting.

Hotton Happening at a hotel with wacky wildlife.
 Kids were suckers for Disney.

 We definitely had high Hogwarts hopes.

Universal was super Seussy...

...and sort of wet.

 But the Butterbeer earned 2 thumbs up, the wizarding world was wonderful.

Bela's birthday spanned two states.  Part the first, with the dramatic dragon dessert.
Of course, Baby Audrey was a prompt priority on our return, which also saw some part the second with peach pie of Y's B-day-2.

But we were definitely back in Michigan.