Thursday, October 28, 2010

October Phot Ops

We (erm, Karen, that means) took some nice pictures of the kids.  And then a visit from baby Audrey, which always makes a big splash on the cuteness meter.

Prepared for the mess.

And who are these guys? 

It's enough to make you start singing Time in a Bottle or the Cat's in the Cradle.  Or...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Must be October

 We know it must be October because we've seen the Dynamic Duo.

And their nemesis, the Craw.

Batman escaped a death trap due to a timely batarang.

Ysabela and Miss Nataly took Lady for a blessing of the animals in honor of St. Francis.

The hydrangea has had a good year.  Lots of blooms, the butterfly incident, and now this mysterious arrangement where all but one of the blooms has changed color.

Today's big adventure was the Pumpkin Roll in Montague. 

The central event of the festival is the eponymous roll.  It begins with wave after wave of 3 year olds.

The kids patiently (sorta) waited their turn.  An hour in, it was finally time!

Bela was very enthusiastic but Xavi got the ribbon.

Even the dad rolled.  With form like that, is it even a question that we won more than one ribbon?

The prize pumpkin this year was 480 pounds.  The farmer who grew it was beaming.   There was general agreement that we'd like to see it rolled, though.

Afterwards, we skipped the festival snacks for Mia and Grace.  We discovered that Bela is known there as hot dog girl and that one of her hot dog art pieces is up in the kitchen.  See, she only orders the hotdog, and always draws one while she is waiting.  So please call her Hot Dog Girl the next time you talk to her.

If you have not been to Mia and Grace, please go!