Saturday, August 9, 2008

Grand Haven Summer

So, back in Grand Haven in time for VBS (Karen was on crafts with Heather and Anna M; I was Odd Job), Coast Guard Festival and Parade and Fireworks, and the beach. We had a great, spur of the moment visit from Michael and Yalta, who brought Brianna, too. After all the places we've been this summer, sometimes we have to be reminded that we live in a destination.

Mackinac Trip II

I've been a bad updater... but I'm trying to catch up.

The second Mackinac Trip was a good one, 10 days in the house to ourselves. Though we were bummed to miss MPD& Jane and MPG&Yalta, who both came up to the Cottage the day we left. Not to mention Carmen at Brenda's. We enjoyed visits with Scott and Patty Watchorn, and later their daughters Megan and Katherine, Brenda, and a trip up from Jim and Bonnie Pendell. We had brief visions of the Hricovsky girls and the McNeilly crew. All against the backdrop of a rather sedate Port Huron race. We had a good hike up and out to Arch Rock, and John's first ever carriage tour (the hourly ones). Got to eat at the new and improved Mustang, and catch some glorious boardwalks. And lots of time reading on the porch. The Tower museum at Mission Point is definitely worth a look. Afterwards we got the sad news that the sale may be imminent. Sigh.