Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Hallow's Eve 2009

Always with the fighting, those Jedi.

Halloween was oddly sedate this year, with limited trick-or-treating, but fun nonetheless. Minnebos came, with thier usual infusion of fun, food and fantastic art and costumes. In particular this year, Gregg's buzz generating $50, award-winning pumpkin. Karen put on the usual feast and we had a great stream of trick-or-treater-visitors. Hank and Marilynn somehow avoided the camera, bu grandma manned the door for a stretch, and Henry took Bela on her rounds.

Except for the smiling, that's Quinlan Vos.

And I know you'll want to see THE pumpkin. Judging from the number of photos taken last night, it should be all over the internet by this morning.

The kids gave out sugar skull awards this year. (First annual?) Some standard and some creative categories.

Halloween'een we got to take Marilyn out to dinner for a slightly belated 73rd birthday celebration. We went to the Boatwerks in Holland, terrific place, then back home for stout cake.