Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Tooth is Out There

Strange goings on at the Golden house today.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mammoth Site & Reptile Gardens

Mammoth Site
By: Ysabela Golden
I liked the Mammoth site because it’s an active dig a museum and a tour all under one roof! Guided tours are 30 min. long and very easy to understand. The tour guy spoke into a microphone that we could listen through with phones that were connected to the microphone. I learned they only found male mammoths because they were in bachelor herds and didn’t know better. The Mammoth site has paleontologists come in for a week and the rest of the year prepare the things they dug up for display. The Mammoth site is 60 feet deep and from every time they work on it through all the years only 30 feet has been dug up. Also the Mammoth site doesn’t cover all the fossils! There’s a lot more land that needs to be covered! The Mammoth site awesome in every way! Bye!

Reptile Gardens by Xavier Golden
Rapid City, South Dakota

Places: Gift Shop, Sky Dome of Reptiles, and the Reptile shows

I liked the snake show and the alligator show. The snake show was first. They were cool. They had Rattle Snakes. The Gift shop was cool they had rubber band guns.

The Rattle Snake was cool and the other snakes. There was a man there he was handling the snakes. Their were a King Cobra, Python, half grown Boa Constrictor, cotton mouth and more.

Monday, July 7, 2008

South Dakota

How to boil this trip down to 5 pictures? We headed west with Hank and Marilynn, also driving Jill and Tara, and Gail, Steve, Andrew and Danielle. We did about half the sights together and the rest as a smaller group.

Attractions/sights you can ask us about include the Corn Palace, Badlands, Wall Drug, Reptile Gardens, Mt. Rushmore, Needles Highway, Iron Mountain Road, Wildlife Loop, Wind Cave, Crazy Horse Memorial, Rapid City, SDSMT Museum of Geology, Pipestone National Monument, the Mammoth Site and the Goblet of Fire. (2700 miles - we needed a long audiobook.)

Pictures: Pipestone waterfall, Badlands, Wall Drug cafe, X shaking Madison's hand, Needles Hwy vista, Henry as Crazy Horse, and the family posing with James Monroe. (Rapid City is decorated with the statues of presidents.)

Our favorite "attractions" were Pipestone and the Mammoth Site. But everything listed there was worth it. I'll pass along the excellent advice of my cousin Mary Pat - spend as much time in Custer State Park as possible.