Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Old Photos

When Mary Pat came through she brought a bevy of old photos, and there was some interesting stuff.  Mackinac, Monroe and McNally/Golden family history.  As always, click on the photos for full size.

Mary Ann McNally's 1908 graduation.  She went onto University of Michigan and by the time she died was the 2nd oldest woman graduate of the school.  (She was a bit suspicious when I told her I was going to what she called "an agricultural school" for science.) When she came back for Catherine's graduation was supposedly when she met Oliver Golden, Sr., who was quite involved with the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) as their lawyer.

Ice cutting, 1913, probably for Michael McNally's ice house, which used to be next to the meat market, now the bicycle rental next to Shepler's.

Pictures of Margaret McNally are pretty rare.  This one is from her time at the Chicago Normal School in 1914 where she took a teaching certificate, before she began her work traveling with the nutritionist, educating housewives about how to make healthy meals for their families.

One of the biggest events of the 20th century in Monroe was the burning of St. Mary's Academy, June 3rd, 1929.  Pretty amazing photo.

 The Algomah II coming to Mackinac in winter.

Stan Bielecky painting in front of McNally Cottage with an interesting note on the back of the photo.  Stan was a friend of the family's, especially Aunt Jean, and was quite well known for his ink and watercolor paintings of Mackinac and the French Quarter.

One of the most famous family stories (and rightly so!).  "Gen and her guest attended a dance that night at the Grand Hotel."

At right is an amazing picture of dad (Oliver Jr.) with Patsy.  And then a picture of him a bit closer to the time of the story.

A somewhat rare picture of Oliver Sr.  He's on the right here.  I know I should know the fellow to left, he was a great friend of the family... but I just can't remember!

On the right is a great picture of Gram (Mary Ann Golden nee' McNally) biking on the Island.

 A picture of Oliver Jr from his brief stint in the army.  Just after he got his teaching certificate from the Univ. of Toledo.  He wound up down south teaching English classes rather than being sent to Korea.

He spoke fondly of his travels during those and the college years, often by hitching.

A couple of pictures of Gram from her traveling days, from which I never saw many pictures.  She was proud of having gone around the world twice, once by steamer and once in those new-fangled aeroplanes.  She often cited transportation as the biggest change of her lifetime, 1889-1982.

I think the picture on the left might have been on the ferry to Mackinac.  The one on the right is definitely on the shore road.  Is she with Mary Ann Cameron?

A couple of classic Mackinac shots.  On the right, McNally Cottage before the Loonfeather was built.  On the left, a classic view from the fort shot, before the marina was built.

A picture of Oliver III from fall 1964. 

And one of the famous Pfundstein pyramids that I was lucky enough to join.  The Christmases they drove in were amazing.

Good picture of dad where he could be often be found during the years that Carmen managed McNally Cottage.  Greeting guests and telling them tales of Mackinac That Was.

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