Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August Catsup

Why have things seemed so crazy?  Well there was Coast Guard Festival.  It started off with a surprisish visit from my cousin Mary Pat Dunlap nee Pfundstein.  (Of the Minnesota Pfundsteins.)

We had a great day at the rides with the best weather in ages.  Brandon and Kaitlyn joined us.  (Be sure to check out the movie as well.)

B & K were fearless, riding almost anything.

And Brandon even got a chance to sit in with some drummers.  He an Bela made plans for busking in the future.

We had Mason and the Minnebos for the parade.  Good eats from Grapes and Grain with lots of fresh veggies.

One of the favorite post parade traditions has become a show of Anna's latest animations.  Great stuff.

Finally, we got another visit from Baby Audrey.  Maybe more anticipated than the whole Coast Guard Festival.

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Meredith, Matt and Baby Audrey said...

Thanks for the fun day! We love the pictures!