Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grogger Blog I - Chicagrog

Guest post by our good friends, Benita and Bobbert Grogger, about their most recent trip to Chicago.

These opinions are not necessarily those of J-K-X-Y or our parent companies.  Nor is their exclamation point use policy.

We went to Chicago.
It was horrifying! we got eaten by a T Rex, and got stepped on by the Hulk.
I know! And the zoo was so cool!
 I took a trip in a saber tooth tiger's digestive system!
So first we went to the T Rex pen.
There were 25 of them but I think they were starved.
And it was skin and bones.  Well, minus skin.
So, we didn't get digested when we were eaten.
And it almost ate us, and its breath was really, really, hot.
I just said that! Plus, its breath was gnarly!
And then, we went to the saber tooth tiger den! And it ate Bobbert!
Ever since then Xavi thinks I am Germanish Potatoish.
And then we saw a bear.
It break danced on my head.
It was taller then 5 Ysabela's!!!!!!!!!
And that's grooving tall.
It really knew how to break dance.
And lions were in the zoo too.
They were green.
Oh my gosh! They were!
And there was hair in its mouth. No wait, thats the one Mr. Stream
said was in front of the library.  Ysabela told me about it.
I thought they were German Potatoish.
And then, a comic book shop!
And I read a book. Not much for me there.
But lots for me!
Go on....
There were all the essentials of the Avengers, and Power Man! 
They had millions of action figures, and the highest price was $20.00. 
There was lot's of my favorite comic book story lines, and it was awesome!
No German potatoes?
No. But there was Hulk.
Didn't you get stepped on?
Yeah! he was doing it for free!!
And Spider-Man! Thwip!
How old is your grandson?
Lets talk about the Palmer House.
We rode the escalator 15 times!

And we slept a lot. And watched a really bad T.V. show.
Xavier hated it, but wanted it on. Make of this what you like.
Lets quit talking about the lame stuff, and get on to the Griffins!
Oh yeah, there was some really cool Griffins, standing on a door that wasn't there any more.
And they spat at us.
They spat on YOU, and they were golden, that has to mean something, right.
Are you falling asleep or something?
There were kittens at the art mueseum, remember?
Oh yeah! The green kittens that escaped from the zoo!

And there was an awesome Matisse exhibit.
And then, there was modern art!!!!

We had to witness: Its making!!!!
Its true! That darn Calvin tricked me!
Do you need a nap? I'm getting worried about you.
It's okay, I'll be napping on the way home.
Speaking of the way home, we went to Wonder Land with Alice,
and grew and shrank and grew and shrank and..... well, you get the idea.
Five thousand billion trillion...
Okay, you need a nap. We're going.  Say goodbye, Bobbert.
Bye, Bye, Bobby!

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