Sunday, July 11, 2010

July Catsup

Bad blogger!  Bad!  Good bloggers update more often than every two months.

So... what you been doing?

Ysabela graduated from elementary.  To her credit, she said, "It's not a big deal.  If I was like going to go get a job or go to college maybe."

Xavier sang with a 4th grade group.

Mr. Z gave all the grads parting hugs.  He graduated, too.  Er, retired.

Y and Ashley

Bela's awesome teacher Mr. Schiller 
- hopefully we'll see him next year for X!

Xavier's great teacher, Mrs. Bruckbauer.  But maybe secretly Amanda Peet.  (Ms. Peet probably is nowhere near as good a teacher though.)

Been trying to get out in nice weather and hide from the heat.  Smashball, tennis even, chalk drawings, sprinkler action, etc.

These pictures really don't do the chalk drawings justice.

Father's Day brought some great swag, but even better cards.  Bela made an Avatar style dragon and Xavier's had a heap of heroes.  The coolest gift was a family set of purple Batman shirts.  Karen's and mine were a size too small to encourage weight loss.  Good idea.

 We had a rare visit from Carmen here in GH.  Highlight might have been the great Mia & Grace dinner.  Everyone must go there.

Don't make me give you the mean face.  I mean, this was to my own mother.

Carmen had a bag of photos someone sent to Michael, which I greedily scanned before delivering.  Great stuff like this one of Oliver and Carmen at my Aunt Jean's marriage to Uncle Gil Dunning.

This might have been HS graduation.  Had the note: 6' 1/2" and really applying himself.

Xavi keeping his head down.

Ysabela with the follow through.

Last week was a neat thing, the kids got to try golf lessons.  Randy White, also director of our local First Priority, gave lessons at a club for four days.  The kids did well and looked marvelous.

But wait!  We REALLY want to hear from you about your fantasy dinner party.  We've got a simple new cooperative game you can play over dinner, where you make up a guest list and pick a restaurant for a great dinner party.  It has it's own dedicated blog, guys!  Guess Who's Coming For Dinner?  But wherever you go in your fantasy dinner, I'm sure they won't have cinnamon rolls like these:
Thank goodness.

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Mike Cortright said...

So I was looking through some old pictures my mom sent me and there were some of Gil Dunning's house being built, I'm sure you had to have been there some time during your life. So, I'm scanning these pics of his house, and I figured I'd just google gil dunning and see whether I could see anything.

I found this. I'm assuming this is John Golden. It's weird to see pictures of Ollie and Carmen when they were younger. Don't know your kids, but I do remember Ollie and Carmen very well. I can still hear Carmen's twang as she spoke.

Anyway, Cortrights in the house.