Monday, May 31, 2010


Or is it 110? Archivists have turned up this interesting little picture. Looks pretty familiar...

Actually, he got to go to DeWitt Schoolhouse and see how a turn of the century (20th) school worked.  They wrote on slate with pieces of chalk, cleaned the erasers by clapping them together, played new/old games at recess, arithmetic in math class, etc.  Xavier was singled out as having nice typical school clothes, but you'd change when you got home for chores.  If you went to school in chore clothes, the teacher would think you were behind on your work.

<---The full effect.

Of course, the major holiday around Memorial Day is Xavier's birthday.  We had visits from the Meyer clan, Aunt Liza and Mason.  Desserts by Design, one of our favorite local places, made a Batman: Brave and the Bold cake that was "in one of my favorite poses, with my favorite filling, and it was awesome."

How can both kids be double digits?

Coming soon:  groggers blog?

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