Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wild Things

OK, there's probably something off when the dad is the most excited person for a family movie, but I'm getting really geeked about Wild Things. Here's some resources to get you geeked, too.

Reviews at Rotten Tomatoes, and by my favorite critic. EDIT: Kids-in-Mind breakdown for parents. There has been some chatter about too scary for kids, but my impression is that it's scary in exactly the same kid-friendly-scare that the book is.

Trailer. (Best send up of the trailer. Blame the Werksma's for showing us.)

Ultra cool art gallery of Wild Things art. (Scroll past the gallery opening shots to see the art. That's where I saw that picture by Mark Masztal up above.) Really shows how loved this book is among illustrators.

And here's this cool interview with the man hizzelf, Maurice Sendak, about being an illustrator.

Water Thing

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