Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where They Are

The kids got their chores done, so we got to go to the movie today! Yeah!

I loved it. Thought it was one of the better movies I'd seen this year. It was amazing for taking the book, and imagining why things in the book are the way they are. Great connections among the characters, between Max's wild life and home life... very intense emotionally. Visually, it's just about perfect. The special effects are seemless, and the Wild Things are amazing in physicality and in voice actors. Max is very convincing with his sparse dialogue and expressive eyes.

As to whether it's too scary for kids, Xavi says "it was kind of scary, but it was not creepy. Big dramatic scariness, and not creepy scariness. It is scary, but big, and just in one place."

It's not fluffy funny exciting... it's full of deep intense emotions like sadness, frustration, rage and joy. No woo hoo, but whoa. And maybe a long satisfying howl.

ps. On the pix, Karen says, "and I pose in front of Judith. I guess that's appropriate." Which was a very Judith thing to say.

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