Saturday, October 3, 2009

October Catsup

Since this a blog, it just makes sense to go in reverse chronological order. Doesn't it?

The new magic set, Zendikar, is out. We played with the black and white theme decks last night - our own little family release party. This is Ysabela playing a vampire deck on a skull tablecloth licking a Blood Pop. The second shot is actually from going to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, which was a very fun family film with lots of good themes and hearty laughs. (See this neat Sojourner's article about it with terrific connections.)

Note that we do ask Xavi to pose for pictures, too, but he says no a lot.

The busiest weekend in September was Irish themed. For once the Muskegon Irish Festival got great weather to go with the great music and good for you beverages. This is us at the end catching the excellent group Slide IE, who were bursting with energy.

Ysabela got a chance to get on stage with Seamus kennedy for the Unicorn song. He's a bundle of chuckles, he is.

The day before was the biennial Notre Dame-Michigan State game. Our good friends the Websters came up, and Jo hung with KXY while Johns went South (Bend). First time John has had me to a game where the good green lost - but a great game and beautiful day all around.

The weekend before we tripped down to Carmen's for her 75th birthday. (That little girl? No way!) We spent some time chatting, did birthday dinner at the Bolles Harbor Cafe, visited the little channel walk at Bolles Harbor, and went back to Carmen's for healthyish birthday carrot cake.

The surprise of the weekend was getting to see Batty Old Aunt Carol. She had cool Korean malas (meditation bracelets) from Neko Chan for us, but she was the treat. The kids were happy to meet the ninja from all the stories.

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