Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sisters Grimm

It finally arrived - the overlaying of Granny Relda's house with ours, the Sisters Grimm party, aka Ysabela's Unbirthday party. Bluebeard and the Queen of Hearts hosted the Nymph's celebration, with Puck looking to scam some free food.

The guests started arriving: Princess Fiona, Tinkerbell, Red Riding Hoods, Snow White, Daphne, a giant and more. Souvenir Wands were made, and then it was time for the Hall of Wonders. The Magic Mirror welcomed them in with some sad news - Granny and the girls werecalled away on an Everafter emergency. But help yourselves to some food. The kids attacked the spread - Salamander Hearts, Hobgoblin teeth, Blue veggie dip, Octopus Ink Pesto Pasta - despite the invasion of large bugs. Ick. Some said they were edible, chewy and delicious. Hmmm. A fun game of Poison Apple (kind of an everafter version of hot potato) followed.

Then the really bad news. The Fairy Godmother's wand was hidden. The Scarlet Hand had to keep it out of its holder for an hour, and then it could be removed from the Hall of Wonders. But Puck had given us a chance: enchanted to not reveal the location, he left clues to lead there. The guest everafters searched the house, unraveling clues to find each of 5 questions, researching the Hall to answer the questions, and then assembling the answers to reveal the location of the wand. Of course they had to release Mr. Canis from suspended animation with a lively game of Freeze Dance. Wand restored, disaster averted.

Figuring clues; Putting together the answer with Mr. 7.

Then the kids were free to play. Miss White led some classes. Puck had some hijinks. Kids tried out Mr. Seven's typewriter. ("Where's the enter?") Photo ops were had. Red Riding Hood, real name Biddy, came in three varieties: Old Biddy, Young Biddy and Itty Biddy. Nice to see them and Mr. C getting along.

All in all, one fine party upon a time.

Green girls; Daphne in Daphne's Room

Puck objects to Jack's handiwork;
Mr. C makes up with the Biddies;
the Giant's got some house on his shoe.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! Happy Unbirthday Ysabela!

from Dave & Kathy Coffey

Anonymous said...

i like the green girls pic(obveisly im in it!)


AvengersWasp said...

Yay for Sisters Grimm! Nice party.

John said...

Do we know you, AvengersWasp?