Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Current Obsessions

One of our current family obsessions is this song, from the Discovery Channel ad campaign. Bela got it from guitar last week and has been learning it, and we've written a new verse for each family member. Can our own video be far behind?

Karen and John are reading Out of Our Minds, by Ken Robinson, a creativity expert. (What an awesome job description to have.) It is pretty good so far, and well introduced by how we found out about him, his talk at TED, on how schools kill creativity. Plus he's really funny, like Ricky Gervais on PHD. (That Ricky Gervais link is not for all ages.)

Next post: some clips from Xavi's birthday (celebrated). Xavi's birthday (actual) is today. 9! Happy Birthday, X-man!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Xavi!

Dave and Kathy Coffey