Saturday, May 2, 2009

Chicago: Day 3

Well, day 3 was FINALLY Free Comic Book Day - Xavi's self-described favorite holiday. We got 12 free comics (3 per) though not all are X's interest. Waiting we got to flit around Millenium Park, the Crowne Fountain and the Cloud Gate (giant reflective jelly bean). In later photos that's a bat on Bela's face.

After we hit the Field Museum, which had a neat Pirate exhibit and Ancient Americas Exhibit (check soon at the Math Hombre for an ancient americas math-art activity). Then walked down to the Adler Planetarium, whose standard exhibits were somewhat underwhelming, though the Gemini exhibit narrated by astronaut Jim Lovell was excellent. Chicago really has playoff fever, between the Bulls and the Blackhawks.

The culminating event of the day you'll have to ask about.

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