Friday, September 19, 2008

New Gallery in Town

Goldens by birth and marriage: Oliver (Sr), Carmen, Oliver (Jr.), Karen, Oliver (III)

McNallys: Thomas, Seamus, Patrick, Ann Mary's wedding, Michael, Katie Donnelly, Margaret, Mary Ann and Catherine

Cowies and Meyers: Cowie clan//Elands/H&M/Henry's grandparent Meyers//Meyer family;Henry and Marilynn, Henry's folks; Cowie kids

Don and Betty's wedding, Elands (Betty's family); Meyer kids, young Henry;

As a result mostly of Karen and Terri's reinvasion of the Island, we had many pictures to put up. The most striking is the photo wall in the hallway. Check out all the relatives!

But the other rooms got some updating, too. Xavi's room is not Cottage influenced, unless Aunt Catherine was secretly a comic book fan.

The Island watercolors, a Bielecky, Bela's claim, Xavi's new Sanctum Sanctorum

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