Saturday, September 6, 2008

Beginning of Fall

John's school got rolling with the usual week of meetings. He has a terrible schedule this fall - 3 night classes, and some early morning student observations. The kids, after some deliberation, are going back to Voyagers, with some negotiations having taken place of how X and Y will be accountable for their learning. That's a little video of what they're expecting this year.

Karen took a quick trip up to McNally with Terri for a part salvadge op/part moms escape adventure. Only 2.5 days, but lots of laughing. Karen says the place is looking ransacked, as cousins remove their spoils. Sadly, it looks like the cottage is going to sell soon. I'm sure Katie and Michael (above in wedding photo) are spinning.

Oh - and the costumes arrived, for a quick Halloween preview.

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