Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Card 2013

Say what?! A post to the family blog? Must be time for the Christmas Card!

Or more like an epiphany card...

So what's here? Supplemental photos & some text of the year.

(The song is It's Time performed by Isabel Torres, originally by Imaginary Dragons.)

It was a bit of an odd year. It started when John was on sabbatical and we took a trip, and ended with some enforced quasi-isolation.

The trip was almost two weeks to Washington DC and Williamsburg - great fun. Lots of Smithsonian time in DC - probably 4 or 5 days total. Williamsburg off season was terrific - lots of time to converse with the re-enactors/residents/historians.

At the end of the year, the kids came down with whooping cough (pertussis). It turns out that you can get it even if immunized and with all your boosters. Ysabela was too late for disgnosis, but Xavi tested positive so we all got the antibiotics. The problem is that the cough continues for up to 100 days afterward! So Xavi and Bela missed the last 2 weeks of school, and - even at this writing - the coughing continues. So non-contagious but pretty confined to the house.

But in between we got to our first big city comics convention, had our first and last yard sales, and lots of excellent folk over to the house. Which was finally named: Tigh Cois Cnoic, (kawsh k knock) Bottomhill Cottage.

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joan said...

Bottom Hill Cottage is one of my favorite places in the world! Happy New Year and good health to all of you and I'll see you soon. I am returning the first week in Feb. as Jessi has to go to NYC for a job! Blessings!