Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Seasonings

The season started off with promise, with a good Brandon visit, and then Ima ("Ee-ma" short for Imary) came over (with her parents) for a dinner.  She is very reminiscent of Bela at that age, which was a nice flashback for us. Scary flash forward for Tere and Aldo?

The Stuff
Finally the long awaited threat is fulfilled.

Socks for Christmas! BwaHaaHaaaHaaaa!

Oh no, this isn't all? It's not >just< socks? That ruins the whole idea! Now it's just... nice.

Some gifts seemed to have Audrey in mind.

Ysabela got her first sonic. Watch out.

Not many action figures this year. But the ones he got completed the Justice League.

Fluffy the Vampire Slayer. She wore this to church. No one noticed?
The big thing was what the kids got themselves. They've been saving for the Wii, and some generous grandparent presents helped them cross the line. So we've crossed some kind of line. The parents are nervous.

Then we got a quick trip in to see Carmen.  She seems like she's recovering well from the defibrillator procedure. We also got in some quality time the Roelants. Grace and Cate are great, and have become Sleeping Queen experts of first rank in short order. We also taught odds and evens, Nim, and zip-zap-zoop in one dinner.  

Looks like a quiet build up to the New Year: blessings on the ends and beginnings to you and yours.

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