Saturday, July 23, 2011

Quarterly Catsup?!

Boy... WHO has been a bad family blogger?

When last we joined our protagonists... Xavi was giving a good presentation on his ancestor. Since then was Easter, finishing the school year, Xavi's 5th grade graduation, putting on a fundraiser to help bring the Korye Dance Theatre to the area, Vacation Bible School, and the kids heading off to camp whilst the adults finally attacked the basement.  We've little to no pictures to show for any of this, so I'll just share what we've got.

Maybe Audrey's parents should reconsider leaving her with us...?

Pocket review: 3/4 Houses. Better than we feared, yet inexplicable changes from the book. King's Cross - excellent. Final battle - meh.

 Karen's amazing Imperial Cookies.

The returning from camp sequence.

Back to normal! They were wiped out from the hottest week in 15 years.  Bela is heat sensitive and Xavier has the allergy issues, yet both survived. We are so grateful for all the prayer support they had.  Xavi's written a brief bit about camp. Maybe more or Bela's take later.

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