Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dia de los Muertos

Friday: Pumpkin Carving

 The costumes:  Athena (I am not a princess I am the goddess of wisdom and war) and Flash (seen here mind-controlled by Starro).

Stick Man?  What Stick Man?

Saturday: Trick or Treating with Elizabeth Swan, a Knight Templar and Baby Death Santa Claus in Pajamas.  You know how sometimes you'll see someone else in the same costume?  We did just once. Baby Death Santa Claus in Pajamas.  Really.

We were also joined by Baby Sweet Pea.  Mostly the moms gave out the snacks.  Literal snacks in our case as we are now "the house that gives out chips."

As you can see, Baby Audrey already has figured it out.  In fact, she must be pretty on the ball, since she is the only one who notices the figure in the background!

Worst werewolf ever.  Even if it's a decent Rum Tug Tugger. Good thing Ysabela likes cats.
Sunday:  monster cupcakes at church.  Good turn out of kids made some really excellent monster cupcakes.  These are our pals Gwen and Tess with their creations.

Sorry so slow to post.  As you can see, a grand time was had by all.  As usual, click on a picture for the full glory.

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