Sunday, April 18, 2010

Madeline La Framboise

The Fifth Grade at Ferry does a special project each year: the Wax Museum. Students choose and research a historical figure and put together a verbal presentation that they then get to give dozens of times to other Ferry students and parents.

Our Miss Bela went off-list and presented Madeline La Framboise. She is an interesting figure from Mackinac Island and Grand Haven history. I'd tell you more, but why not get it from the furrier's mouth...

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lilpixiedust33 said...

Great job Ysabela!!!

I think you are wearing Tara's costume that I made her years ago when she WAS Pochahontas for Halloween! Sorry, but maybe that's why they thought you were "P"! Did you wear the leg bands that go with the costume?

Aunt Jill