Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jewish Heroes, Green Belts and Tea

So... we're gearing up fro Purim.  That includes some fun costumes for kids, so I present:  Shabbas Queen and Menorah Man!

Okay, that's Batman.  But really, there's a Menorah Man.  Both heroes are waiting for their description of super powers.  So if you have any idea, comment or email, please!  Of course, I prefer to catch superhomework...

That's Bela's Shadowy science fair project.  Be nice if some info on it showed up on her blog...

Karen had a small Shalom Tea for Meredith Slater, who's expecting soon.  Spectacular setting and amazing food, I thought.  Even the leftovers were scrumptious

Also, just today was Xavi's test for Green Belt.  We've missed a couple crucial days before the last few tests, so he was probably a bit overdue.  He did a great job, and for the first time broke the board on the first try.

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