Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Catsup

Not too much going on with us - the usual Christmas/end of semester rush and bustle.

Bela's foray into basketball finished up with a Saturday tournament where they played four ten minute games. Hank and Marilynn came out for all four games. Up to the last game they had a chance to get into the semifinals, but ran into a determined Robinson team. Bela learned a lot, and really tried hard - especially considering that she rapidly regretted her decision to sign up. Her coach mentioned how far she progressed several times and was amazed at how well she listened. This Friday we had a father-daughter basketball game. Thankfully no pictures, but it was great fun.

Karen got the house decortated for Christmas, inside and out, despite all the other stuff going on. The house color looked a bit out of place in the browns and golds of autumn, but a little snow and voila, back to minty fresh.

Joseph and Mary have started making their way.

This weekend was the Christmas pagaent, and the fundraiser for the Sunday School to buy a cow for a family in a third world country. (Through Heifer International.) We thought a cow ($500) might be out of their reach, but the combined Christmas card sales plus bake sale raised enough for a cow, a sheep, and maybe some chickens. There was great rejoicing. Miss Leslie did an amazing job with both things going on at once. Karen had the sales looking like a real marketplace today.

Backstage at the pagaent.

Narrators on the march.

And I don't know if we'll finish the planned DVD production, but if we do, you'll see something like this:


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