Sunday, January 25, 2009

January Catsup

What's up? Still winter - we continue a long streak under freezing. Kids (with K's help) have established a luge track around the condos' power supply... hmmm. Ysabela had her double-digit birthday, was in a short play at school as an native american lawyer,
and ran a trading post selling math games. (Made about $15 profit - having a business-mnded mother helped a lot.)

Xavi has started Tae Kwan Do and has made an amazing start. Ysabela has started braces by having four teeth out... watch for the Bloody Tooth in this space if we get a chance to finish it.

Work is set to begin on the house soon, which might mean we're back in the house by the end of February... be weird to be back across the bridge.

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